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We have close contact with people that are independent Real Estate agents in California and Oahu, Hawaii. These agents can help you find, buy, and finance Real Estate property. Just contact us for details: CUSAint@,

Some of our other contacts can help you obtain home loans at any of 49 U.S.A. states (the exception being New York, but it is being worked on). We are looking for Telemarketers for these types of loans. If you would like to earn a lot of money (based on performance) working at home and/or outdoors offering home loans to people please let us know.

We promote businesses, models, and talent.  We provide classified ads, help very poor people, and much more.  You are invited to visit our Classifieds page.

Modeling: ,,,, Sample Model Web Site
We welcome new and experienced models.  We will ask your for the photos you want to have published on our web pages (you provide them and we can refer you to a professional photographer), to sign a Model Release Form (please click here to see it), and to provide us with information about where to reach you. To request an audition please use our Audition Request Form.

We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.  Please let us know if you want your photos returned.  Please send copies, not the originals or have negatives available.  Also, please make sure you are placing sufficient stamps.

Please click here to see our Model Release Form  

Please click here to download our Model Release Form in Text format (txt)

You can also use our
Alternative Model Release Form or your own Model Release Form.

For a return call please leave a short message at: (808) 427-5653 (please repeat your 
phone number). 

Hypnotherapy (In English and Spanish): 
Hypnosis being used for vocational and avocational therapy.  Stop or reduce smoking, drinking and other bad habits, we help you with weight control/loss, fears/phobias, we do dream therapy, handwriting analysis, etc. For details just click here:  Hypnotherapy

Information Technology Consulting  (818) 427-5653
We can provide Information Technology consulting.

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Los invitamos a poner anuncios con nosotros

Dihomar  Inh. C. Höft  (Glass Machinery and its parts:
Waldweg 4 D-23869  Elmenhorst, Germany                         
Tel. 0049 - 4532  - 280  443 - Fax 0049 - 4532 - 280 486


Colombian Festivals (Festivales Colombianos c/o Círculo Cultural Colombiano)
(818) 752-4956.  Festivals are held in California on or near the 20th of July, occasionally other festivals are held in Spring.   Please contact them or us for booth leasing.

English and Spanish Courses   (818) 206-0481
We sell English and Spanish language courses in audio cassettes, and on CDs.

Video Recording and Photography Use: OahuBienes (
We offer video recording and photography services for events, models, and talents.

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We invite you to adversise with us

Book: Windows to Hell (Ventanas al Infierno)
A book about real life stories of jailed people.  Very important to give to youth so that the stay away from drugs and crime.

Un libro sobre las vidas de personas que estan en prisión.  Muy importante para aconsejar a los jovenes a alejarse de las drogas y el crimen.

Please order by e-mail at: CUSAint@ or by regular air mail.


Information and Help to the Public:
We help very poor people (with no money, with many children, unemployed, disabled, elderly, etc.).  If you would like to join us or help please let us know.  We are currently helping people in Colombia and want to expand our helpt to many other countries.

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Web site design
We make basic web sites and use business partners for advanced web sites.  They also do graphic design and technical drawings.

We can help you find a job.  Please contact us for assistance.

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