General Information is a website that was selected to place information about software we provide. We intend our products to be useful and we appreciate comments to make them even better. Since some or most of our software would be innovative we would ask customers to please take a little bit of time to become familiar with them. One of those is the Click-Paste program. It already has many useful features that should cover most of your word processing needs. We have other websites that provide services. Those can be found by visiting

The Click-Paste program saves time when selecting, dragging, dropping, copying, cutting, pasting, etc.This program is able to do many tasks by just left or right clicking. If you have a need to paste or delete loose pieces of information then in the program you would normally do it in a single click or at most two clicks. The program has several editing and pasting functions not found in other word processing software and invite you to see it by yourself.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you will like our products.











Click on this sentence to see Click Paste in action!
Click on this sentence to see Click Paste in action!
(No need for highlighting, right clicking or choosing
copy, paste, or using control-x, control-y shortcuts!
The fastest solution for efficient work!)
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