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CesarUSA - Software

CesarUSA Software:

We released some of our software. We wish they will be useful to you.

New programs will arrive in the near future.





The CesarUSA Text Editors BS and BS2 are easy to use text editors / word processors that have several useful features including auto-completion, a web browser, and a html editor. They are not bloated with features that have little use or complicated functions. The intent is to provide a fast and easy ways to find or create documents and edit them.

For more information please send us an email to: CUSAint@ Gmail.com
or CUSAint@ Gmail.com


CesarUSA Text Editor BS

The BS program installs in demo mode and can be used free for 30 days. Once you purchase the license for any of our software you can send us an email with the name of the program being purchased (BS, BS2, etc.), the "Site code", the "MID" number (both can be found in the program's software protection's start up screen), your contact information, and purchase information. We will email you the activation code.

These trial programs are not for people to sell, but people can distribute copies of the trial versions for others as long as they do not charge a payment for the demo.

The CesarUSA Text Editor BS program can be purchased thru 1) our purchase page or 2) by sending a payment thru PayPal to the following email account: CUSAint@ Gmail.com.

The CesarUSA Text Editor BS is currently being sold for $15 (product currently on sale, temporary discount) (plus tax if purchased in California).

This program was checked and found clean of viruses and malware and found safe to install. Please click here for their report.

CesarUSA-Text-Editor-BS antivirus report at FileCluster.com

Clck hire to download the trial version of CesarUSA Text Editor BS (the latest version) from us

Note: the file at download.com could be an older version that the one at the page you are looking at.

Click here to ownload the zipped version of BS (latest version).

Click here to download User Manual


To purchase the BS version directly from PayPal please click on this link to visit www.Paypal.com and issue a payment for $15 (this product is temporarily on sale) plus the California tax, if any, (that tax is for California customers) to: CUSAint@ Gmail.com and then please send us an email to CUSAint@ Gmail.com with the following registration information:

1) Your contact information (full name, address, email, and phone)
2) How you heard about our software (Download.com, Softpedia, etc.)
3) Your purchase information (date, time, and purchase code, if any)
4) Your software information (name, version, the Site Code and MID code from the first screen that appears when starting the program) so that we can send you the activation code.

Generally, we send the activation codes during business hours and normally within 24-48 hours.

User support is provided by email. User support by phone is not included in the price, but some could be provided (initially at not charge) and normally during non office hours (unless we have time available during business hours).

Note: Each program makes a backup of its data directory below the folder where the new data directory will be located. If you modified dictionary files or had other files in the previous data directory then you can copy them to the new directory. The name of the data folder for the BS version is "CesarUSA Text Editor BS-Data". Once you install a new version the backup directory of the old version will have a name such as "CesarUSA Text Editor BS-DataB1.0" where the last number would be increasing as new backups are being created each time you install a newer version.

License: trial version with option to purchase

Platform: Windows

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CesarUSA Text Editor Copyright notice:
Pirated software hurts software developers. Using crack, warez, and other ways to avoid paying for software licenses is illegal.


Great news! On 2/4/13 we released CesarUSA BS2 version 1.4. It adds the following features: 1) we added a Copy Toolbar with several copy buttons (the Copy Paragraph button does not work yet) and also has a paste button, 2) we added more buttons to the Common Utility Toolbar, 3) we added a file converter that can convert MS Word files to RTF files and vice versa, and 4) we added a new toolbar full of functions to help you work faster (note: the RP, which is to remove paragraphs does not work yet).

Previous versions:

On 10/17/12 we updated this program that the auto-complete shortcuts are numbers (1 to 6) instead of function keys. That will make it faster to select entries from the drop down list since the fingers will not have to travel far to choose an entry.


On 10/25/12 we updated the BS2 and BS versions allow users to choose a different dictionary (such as a Spanish dictionary, which is the Second Default Dictionary) for the autocompletions. There are three to choose from and if you need more you can chose your own dictionary file (we use the plain text format (txt) for faster response times). You can choose the dictionary from the Select Dictionary Bar or from the Tools menu. We renamed the data directory to prevent confusions with the System directory. You will find shortcuts to several directories. We also added a vertical navigator toolbar.


We appreciate suggestions, complaints, and comments that help improve our software, service, and web site.